Dimmi Shoes



We’re so happy to announce that after several trials working with USA factories, the Lissie collaboration boot LAURAS LEGACY is now available!

Thank you to every one of you who stood by our side and believed our work and in the cause. We are proud to donate 100% of our profits to medical research of ALS, and this boot is a tribute piece to those loved ones lost, and those we can make a difference to going forward.

Made in the USA with imported and USA components, we are also excited for the release of this, marking our first USA project. Keep jobs in the US!

The LAURAS LEGACY boot features a intricately embossed sole with our pledge to 100% GOOD, in the red color of ALS to remind you of your contribution. Order yours now and get a FREE DIMMI WIRELESS SPEAKER (a $60 value) while supplies last.

Don’t see your size or color? No worries, we’ll be re-stocking every week so keep checking back!

Shop: http://www.musthaveshoes.com/lauras-legacy-black-dimmi.html

Our Pledge: 100% Good


100% good may seem like a big commitment, and it is. For a commitment of that magnitude, there is no other choice but to be completely and utterly invested: in the bigger picture, in the promise of better, in the hope that it can be done. That’s what is ingrained in every member of our team. lt goes beyond creating the best product, it’s developing best practices. lt’s working to generate manufacturing solutions with sustainable methods and materials. lt’s encouraging genuine relationships and collaborations learning from life’s experiences and flnding inspiration in real stories. And, it’s devoting all wholesale profit to advancing cures across the medical community. lt’s not an effort, it’s a promise, one we aim to make 100% good on.

Dimmi’s Story


Dimmi started with a story.  As with many stories, it was triggered by a major event that profoundly touched a family.  When a member was diagnosed with ALS, a disease without a cure, that changed the course of the Carringtons,  Virginia family in the footwear  business.  And the story continues, transformed now with a purpose of doing good.

Richard A. Carrington 4th died of ALS at the age of 39, leaving behind a wife, three children, his extended family and countless friends.  In 2011, Consolidated Shoe Company, the  business he had run, began a new shoe brand, Dimmi, in his memory – and with the sole purpose of giving away 100% of its wholesale profits to medical research, starting with ALS.

This enterprise cannot be done alone.  Dimmi is gathering a growing community of retail partners, from small independents to big-box stores and e-retailers.  It seeks to gain more momentum – greater numbers of individuals to come behind the cause of Dimmi so we  can together fund and support medical diseases that face all of us, as individuals and as families.