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The Jogger takes on the World

Dimmi 0224 2015 Pic 3

On the feet of Ordinary People’s blog by Alyssa Lau, Dimmi has trekked all over the world. From freezing temps in Edmonton, Calgary to scenic views in Stanley Hong Kong the Jogger will continue to circle the planet. As the shoe orbits, so does the mission of the company.

“…100% of the profits go to medical research for Lou Gehrig’s disease …if you ever wondered how you could support the search for a cure for ALS…you’re in luck, because Dimmi is making it possible…” –Alyssa Lau

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Monday Morning Decisions

2015 0208 dimmi jogger03

Normcore vibes have us feeling alright as we prepare to tackle the new week. The casual market is taking over the fashion industry and in a hurry. Looking chic in cotton t-shirt and a pair of trainers, don’t mind if we do! As you peruse your closet this A.M. choose jeans over trousers, linen over polyester and our Denim Jogger over heals. Long gone are the days of uncomfortable, toe pinching shoes.

“With sneakers becoming more popular than ever (at least for my wardrobe) and the uniquely fun color of this pair…I had to have them!” -KatelynNow

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