What is Normcore

2014 0926 Dimmi jogger 01

You may not know what it means, but you’ve definitely seen what it is. Normcore is a fast growing fashion trend defined by the most unexpected of traits – Normality. FINALLY, a trend we can all understand! But what does that really mean? Of course it is still moving fashion and on-trend, so when we say normal, we’re not talking about you’re 90’s jeans and the first clean T-shirt you can find. But… it’s pretty close to that. (Too good to be true right?)

So how do you wear your ‘normal’ clothes and still look like the trendsetter on the streets? Think of combining those pieces you have in  your wardrobe, in a slightly more unconventional way. Mix your Friday sweats with a dress blouse and sneakers. Wear your favorite hoodie, but offset it with some glossy baubles and crop pants. And LAYER. Lots of layers. In fact you can’t wear too many layers. (Ok you can, don’t get too carried away). Baggy clothes mixed with formal pieces create a look that’s slightly androgynous, and very, very, comfy.

Look comfortable, casual, and yourself. If this isn’t the best trend of the season, we can’t tell you what is. Time to take casual Friday VERY seriously. Our favorite shoe styles for the trend – The classic sneaker ‘Jogger’ and our flexible loafer ‘Stretch’

2014 0926 Dimmi jogger 062014 0926 Dimmi jogger 07 2014 0926 Dimmi jogger 02We’ve started a trend board on musthaveSHOES Pinterest if you’re looking for some great combo inspirations, or just looking to get a better grasp on the trend. Check it out!

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Our obsession with acclaimed blogger Alyssa from the Ordinary Peoples Blog continues, as we pull out and oldie-but-goodie from her collection of Dimmi styles. The ‘Jogger’ gets a dark (but still happy) tough-girl vibe by pairing it with all-black and a geometric constructed bralette.

“…I can’t quite remember why I stopped wearing comfortable shoes. For your information, Dimmi gives 100% of its profits to medical research. Yeah. How cool is that? So when I spent a little more on these runners than I had planned, I wasn’t too worried about it.” -Alyssa

Catch her full blog post here: http://www.ordinarypeople.ca/2013/06/see-you-on-dark-night.html

And get a pair for yourself here!: http://www.musthaveshoes.com/jogger-black-mesh-dimmi.html



Fall Transition


We’re a huge fan of Katelyn Now and her relaxed, down-to-earth swanky style. So we thought we’d pass these pics on to you featuring our Dimmi floral low top sneaker ‘Improve.’  Feeling comfortable and ready for the fall transition, just be sure to take your layers with you.

Read her full blog post here for more style inspiration: http://katelynnow.com/1-dress-2-ways/

Shop Improve: http://www.musthaveshoes.com/improve-grey-floral-dimmi.html


Dimmi’s Founder gets Dumped

Dimmi’s founder Billy Carrington was nomitated for the #IceBucketChallange by Jamie Grasman from www.jbandme.com! Proud to support the funding and support of ALS research and development, dedicated in loving memory to his brother Dick Carrington #YoureNext

Lissie Collab Video – a Must Watch!

We’ve gotten a huge response to our collaboration with musician Lissie and her support of ALS research and Dimmi shoes. Watch her touching video as she talks about what ALS means to her, and how she’s proud to support our 100% Good cause.

A note from Lissie:
“it is such an honor to be able to draw people to a show and bring awareness through music. this year marked our 3rd annual laura’s legacy concert in rock island, illinois. after losing my aunt laura to ALS, my family and i started an annual event to celebrate her memory and raise money for the ALS division of the western illinois/ iowa MDA. i’m pleased to report that this year we raised $13,000! our best year yet! so thank you to all who came and supported our efforts! see you all again next year! and i’d like to thank dimmi shoes for being our sponsor and creating a line of bags and hats, as well as a laura’s legacy boot…” -Lissie

See her full post here: http://www.lissie.com/lauras-legacy-contributes-to-als-research/

Share with your friends to spread the word, and sign up for our Laura’s Legacy boot by Lissie here: /dimmi-lauras-legacy-sign-up/

SHOP THE BOOT! http://www.musthaveshoes.com/lauras-legacy-black-dimmi.html

ALS Story – The Inspiration of Dimmi

Get ready to feel those tingly parts of your heart move with the inspiring story of the people that became the premise of Dimmi shoes. Dimmi is more than just shoes, we’re born from a group of people who joined together through personal experience and pain – into something that transforms this experience into a cause that can do good -100% GOOD, reach out, and help those still in need. Watch this video and share our story with your friends, to continue the support and research for ALS.

All-in for the ALS Bucket Challenge

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s time to get on board! The ALS Bucket Challenge is spreading like wildfire, and all for the cause of raising money and awareness for ALS. Want to know more? Check out this article on the ALS.org website here http://www.alsa.org/news/archive/als-ice-bucket-challenge.html and watch our videos below! We support the cause, do you?

UPDATE: The ice bucket challenge has officially gone international. And according to the New York times, has now raised over $41 MILLION dollars in support of ALS research. Donations go straight to the ALS association. And more than the money and benefits of the additional research, this viral chain of videos has also raised awareness and emotional support for everyone suffering with ALS. So get on the wagon and Dump & Donate!

Dimmi at FFaNY


Excited to be a part of the FFaNY show this week at the Big Apple! Featuring our first look into Spring 15 styles. Going absolutely crazy for patterns and the role they’ll be playing in the fashion world. It’s about time we can make bold choices and feel good about it.

Also continuing to promote our project with musician Lissie with the ‘Laura’s Legacy’ boot, made in USA with imported and USA components. Find out more and early sign up here: /dimmi-lauras-legacy-sign-up/


White on White Blogger Style


Because we’re so over black. Ok, not really, we’ll always love black, but all-white has still made it’s way deep into our hearts. Meet fashion blogger Katelyn of Katelyn Now.   Avid coffee drinker, running fanatic, processional dancer, and new fan of Dimmi shoes! See her wearing Dimmi’s Improve sneaker in Grey Floral.

“Those of you who know my love for floral will understand how perfect I think these shoes are. And they happen to be incredibly comfortable as well. As I mentioned up top, they are from Dimmi which is a charitable brand of shoes that gives away 100% of their wholesale profits to medical research. I think that’s a cause we can all stand behind!” See her full post here: http://katelynnow.com/white-on-white-dimmi-shoes-coupon/

2014-06-26-20.46.14-682x1024Dimmi 141 0701 by Katelyn Now combo-small 2014-06-26-20.51.00-682x1024