New Collaboration


Here at Dimmi, we are excited to introduce you to our newest endeavor. We will be working with the talented artist Lissie on spreading the news of Dimmi’s cause of giving 100% of profits to medical research!

Lissie and the founders of Dimmi shoes share a common burden – both lost loved ones to ALS, and both want to see the world do something to save the lives of others before it’s too late. United by the cause, Lissie and Dimmi shoes have begun collaboration to unite their strengths and resources to become a stronger force working together. What we hope to accomplish, raising funds and awareness to support medical research that will be used to battle this terrible disease, as well as other other medical strides. With Lissie’s influence and talent in her world of music, combined with Dimmi shoes and our cause, we hope to make the world aware of what we stand for, and create a fervent passion for people to join together in this battle.

So what can you do? Live near Rock Island- Check out one of these shows to benefit the Laura’s Legacy Foundation! Spread the word about Lissie and Dimmi’s cause, and of course… buy Dimmi shoes!


Lissie, is an American folk rock artist and Paste magazine’s No. 1 best new solo artist of 2010. She released her debut EP, “Why You Runnin'”, in November 2009. Check out Lissie’s Instagram and music!

Featured Style: The “Jogger”

thumbnail-3Ever wonder what it would be like to be able to express your mood with your sneakers. Colors are our most expressive aspects of our daily wardrobe, and we can use them to feel or elicit different emotions.

According to many psychologists, different colors express different feelings. For example, one psychologist notes that blue tends to mean one is relaxed and at ease, where as green typically means active and low stress.

Here is where the “Jogger” comes to play. These stylish sneaks come in 4 neon shades to let you be you while feeling yellow, green, blue, or orange!  Feeling “blue” one morning so grab your cute orange “Joggers” and go for a walk around town, or throw on your green pair after a long day at work. Hey, why not have a pair in every shade!?



Press: Dimmi Featured in Footwear Plus

unnamed-1Dimmi was recently featured in the brand awareness “FOOTWEAR PLUS | Showcase Fall ’14” section of Footwear Plus Magazine. What an exciting mention! Click here to buy the shoes below!
“A non-profit division of Consolidated Shoe Company, Dimmi (meaning “tell me” in Italian) is dedicated to touching lives through the medium it knows best: shoes. Designed to allow people to share their story and connect with others, 100 percent of Dimmi profits go to further medical research. Visit us at FFANY, Outdoor Retailer, WWDMagic, and The Atlanta Shoe Market.


Meet Dimmi Designer Kelsang


Ever wonder who is behind these fun and exciting shoes? Or who gets to pick out these gorgeous patterns and electric colors? Meet Kelsang- Dimmi’s unique and one of a kind designer. Here is a recent interview with him discussing his passion behind Dimmi.

Q: What is you design backgroud? Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Kelsang: I first did Textile Design for 4.5 years from the National Institute of Design, India. Within which i also interned for many companies during that time. I then worked for the fashion house of ASHISH SONI showcasing our collection at New York Fashion Week. Then worked for a high fashion furnishing house, started my own label (which I then closed after 1 season) and finally decided to pursue my fashion studies at the prestigious Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London. During this time, I was very fortunate to have worked for Galliano, Louis Vuitton and also worked with Hussein Chalayan for 2 seasons for Paris Couture Fashion Week.
I love conceptual fashion and fashion that is more than just looking good. I think fashion is a medium that allows everyone to speak their mind, boost their confidence and most importantly make them feel great about themselves. That’s what I think fashion should be. whether it is, is another question.

Q: How long have you been with Consolidated Shoe?
K: I have now been with CSC for 2.5 years coming now.

Q: What were thoughts or feelings when you first heard about the Dimmi project?
K: Initially I wasn’t fully aware of the capacity of this project. Coming form a fashion and textile background, shoe’s was quite a jump for me. But after hearing about what DIMMI as a brand wants to do and accomplish, it was hard not be motivated and inspired by it. So fabric swatches and all, I jumped in! Best decision I’ve made.

Q: Have you or anyone close to you ever been affected by a medical condition? If so, does this bring any of your inspiration to designing Dimmi shoes?
K: I am thankful and grateful in saying that I haven’t had any family member affected by a medical condition. However, having borne the loss of many family members as a child (due to unforeseen incidents), one can relate to loss and the handicap of loosing someone integral to the basic structure of living.
It took 2 seasons to get comfortable with DIMMI as the whole team and the brand itself kept evolving. Finally, at my 3rd season we had the inclusion of Peggy and Marla which really clocked in. The 3rd season for me was when I finally felt comfortable with DIMMI and the brand. It was then that I realised how DIMMI had evolved along with me. And I loved it!!

Q: Does your fabric and color inspiration or choices change with this project?
K: Absolutely. As with any other fashion related brand, fabric, colour, shape all evolve. My inspiration for DIMMI comes from what I see around the world when I travel. That’s what great about DIMMI. It’s this label that is extremely inclusive! It allows for me as a creative individual to take in all and wash it through with the DIMMI spirit.  It’s always fun! I wanted to make DIMMI shoes represent everything that I am and the team as well. The family of CSC is an incredible family and to be a part of that makes me feel special, elated and more so content that I am doing something worthwhile which can help someone sitting next to me or the floor above. So when you see a DIMMI shoe, it will make you smile. I can guarantee that!

Q: Where would you like to see Dimmi in the future?
K: I would like DIMMI to not just be a brand but more so a platform that works through shoes, clothes, accessories or any media/medium that helps towards the betterment of life for everyone. It’s a vision that all of us are trying very hard to work towards.

Q: Do you feel differently when designing for a project like this, where the outcome is to better the world, than with any other project?
K: Let me put it this way. As a creative person, everything we do is personal. It all comes from within, our inspiration, our desires, our dislikes etc… My love to design, to create something out of nothing that will hold something in this world, in itself is extremely overwhelming. So to be biased based on creativity is not possible. To know that you are creating something that will benefit some random person because they feel great by wearing this shoe or this dress means that I have done something good. Whether by the product or by it’s proceeds.
And the fact that I am doing that with DIMMI, feels extremely satisfying.

Q: Any other ideas or thoughts on Dimmi?
K: Well DIMMI is what DIMMI does and it would not be possible without Billy. He is the crux of this whole thing, the reason why we all started working towards this extravagant and ambitious idea. He wants it to mean goodness and he wants it to be more than just shoes. We all work towards goodness and hope for well-being and DIMMI is doing that, only difference is that it’s thinking about everyone in this world.

Winter ‘Relief’

0115-relief-white-09thumbnailIn the weeks after New Years, its seems we all have that itching Spring Fever. It might still be the winter season but wearing boots for months has you craving flats and ankle bearing shoes. And while the weather might not allow for such a feeling, it is always exciting to find that perfect shoe that creates a boot alternative, while remaining winter weather appropriate.

The Dimmi Relief smoking slipper, is the perfect alternative to boot boredom. While bearing some more skin than a knee-high boot, these flats remain cold weather friendly. Sporting a knitted fair- isle motif, these shoes scream winter chill and still allow for the ultimate smoking slipper trend. These cuties are the perfect transition into Spring and warmer months. Plus who doesn’t love a little knitted shoe to wear along side all your trendy winter knits!

Featured on Lyra Mag

Dimmi’s Fall 2013 collection featured on Lyra Mag’s online blog.

IMG_9014“DIMMI-a sister brand to the aforementioned (all under the Consolidated Shoes umbrella of footwear companies)—delivers 100% of profits to medical research and causes…And ensures there is something to donate with adorable flats and lace-ups for Fall 2013…featuring woven prints and metallic textiles…Widely available now-DIMMI shoes range from $49-$90.”

See the full write up here

Our Pledge: 100% Good


100% good may seem like a big commitment, and it is. For a commitment of that magnitude, there is no other choice but to be completely and utterly invested: in the bigger picture, in the promise of better, in the hope that it can be done. That’s what is ingrained in every member of our team. lt goes beyond creating the best product, it’s developing best practices. lt’s working to generate manufacturing solutions with sustainable methods and materials. lt’s encouraging genuine relationships and collaborations learning from life’s experiences and flnding inspiration in real stories. And, it’s devoting all wholesale profit to advancing cures across the medical community. lt’s not an effort, it’s a promise, one we aim to make 100% good on.

Dimmi’s Story


Dimmi started with a story.  As with many stories, it was triggered by a major event that profoundly touched a family.  When a member was diagnosed with ALS, a disease without a cure, that changed the course of the Carringtons,  Virginia family in the footwear  business.  And the story continues, transformed now with a purpose of doing good.

Richard A. Carrington 4th died of ALS at the age of 39, leaving behind a wife, three children, his extended family and countless friends.  In 2011, Consolidated Shoe Company, the  business he had run, began a new shoe brand, Dimmi, in his memory – and with the sole purpose of giving away 100% of its wholesale profits to medical research, starting with ALS.

This enterprise cannot be done alone.  Dimmi is gathering a growing community of retail partners, from small independents to big-box stores and e-retailers.  It seeks to gain more momentum – greater numbers of individuals to come behind the cause of Dimmi so we  can together fund and support medical diseases that face all of us, as individuals and as families.

What is Dimmi?


dimmi (Italian) – | Dictionary

  1. Compound of imperative (tu person) of dire and mi.
    • Dimmi tutto da capo!
      Tell me everything from the beginning!

The word dimmi is unique. It brings forth new conversation and elicits stories and compassion. So let us TELL YOU a little about the dimmi story.

Dimmi, was formed on the conception that we can all take part in doing something good. Something to better our society, most specifically the medical society. So, dimmi shoes was created. Dimmi shoes are more than a shoe. They are shoes with a cause and designed for all women to share and tell while taking part in the bigger picture. The bigger picture? The dimmi pledge.

So what exactly is our pledge? It’s 100%. 100% of Dimmi’s profits go to further medical research. 100% good may seem like a big commitment, and it is. It goes beyond creating the best product. It’s developing best practices. It’s working to generate manufacturing solutions with sustainable methods and materials. It’s encouraging genuine relationships and collaborations—learning from life’s experiences and finding inspiration in real stories. And, it’s devoting all wholesale profit to advancing cures across the medical community. It’s not an effort, it’s a promise, one we aim to make 100% good on.

So tell us your dimmi story!