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The Jogger takes on the World

Dimmi 0224 2015 Pic 3

On the feet of Ordinary People’s blog by Alyssa Lau, Dimmi has trekked all over the world. From freezing temps in Edmonton, Calgary to scenic views in Stanley Hong Kong the Jogger will continue to circle the planet. As the shoe orbits, so does the mission of the company.

“…100% of the profits go to medical research for Lou Gehrig’s disease …if you ever wondered how you could support the search for a cure for ALS…you’re in luck, because Dimmi is making it possible…” –Alyssa Lau

Get the full story of Alyssa’s travels at : 

Get the look at :

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Monday Morning Decisions

2015 0208 dimmi jogger03

Normcore vibes have us feeling alright as we prepare to tackle the new week. The casual market is taking over the fashion industry and in a hurry. Looking chic in cotton t-shirt and a pair of trainers, don’t mind if we do! As you peruse your closet this A.M. choose jeans over trousers, linen over polyester and our Denim Jogger over heals. Long gone are the days of uncomfortable, toe pinching shoes.

“With sneakers becoming more popular than ever (at least for my wardrobe) and the uniquely fun color of this pair…I had to have them!” -KatelynNow

Be sure to check out the full story on KatelynNow’s blog here: Shop the look:

2015 0208 dimmi jogger072015 0208 dimmi jogger06



We’re so happy to announce that after several trials working with USA factories, the Lissie collaboration boot LAURAS LEGACY is now available!

Thank you to every one of you who stood by our side and believed our work and in the cause. We are proud to donate 100% of our profits to medical research of ALS, and this boot is a tribute piece to those loved ones lost, and those we can make a difference to going forward.

Made in the USA with imported and USA components, we are also excited for the release of this, marking our first USA project. Keep jobs in the US!

The LAURAS LEGACY boot features a intricately embossed sole with our pledge to 100% GOOD, in the red color of ALS to remind you of your contribution. Order yours now and get a FREE DIMMI WIRELESS SPEAKER (a $60 value) while supplies last.

Don’t see your size or color? No worries, we’ll be re-stocking every week so keep checking back!


UNC Provides a Unique Opportunity for Dimmi to do Good

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.42.33 PM

Excited to share with you that we’ve found the primary outlet for ALS Research funds that Dimmi will be proud to support with future profits from our shoe sales. Meet Nikolay V. Dokholyan, distinguished professor and researcher in the department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC. We had the pleasure of meeting Nikolay during a private tour of their Facility at UNC. It is their goal to discover new means of preventing and treating disease on the front line – specializing in ALS and it’s sister diseases.

“Thank you (Dimmi) so much for taking the time to visit with us yesterday!  We appreciate the opportunity to share with you all of the good work that we are doing in our ALS program at UNC.  As you can tell, Dr. Karam and Dr. Dokholyan are incredibly gifted physicians and scientists who care deeply about making a difference.” Leslie Nelson from UNC

What we found special about this facility, there is a huge advantage for direct support, as they are one of the very few locations that have both a research center, and hospital at the same site. What that means for the patients: close contact with the science team, and a tie between the researches and their mission. Funds raised in support go directly to their efforts, and working with the patients starting at their own facility in North Carolina.

Nikolay and his gifted team are deeply passionate about their work. And spend their time not only in research, but spreading the word about awareness to find new leaders in the medical community. We truly believe that their team, on the home front, is set to make leaps and bounds with discoveries that will rock the medical world. Their time should be focused on research and application. Join us to lift their burdens by spreading the word about their efforts, and raising money to progress their strides in discovering new paths to save lives for those suffering with ALS.

Support their team directly and learn more about their research and facility through their online donation link here:

And when you’re shopping for shoes, choose Dimmi. 100% of our profits are donated to research in ALS, which we are proud to announce UNC as our primary recipient for future profits. /

Throwback with the Ordinary People

Throwback to a feature of Alyssa from the Ordinary People blog. We’re obsessed with her uniquely wonderful fashion, and she’s truly an inspiration to follow for being one’s own self. So be sure to check out the full post on her blog archives here: as well as all of her latest: Shop the look: /shoes/jogger-in-black-mesh/

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Street Style in Stretch

Hitting the streets in style, introducing the Stretch loafer. On-trend, and exactly what you want to slip into when you’re just not wanting to wear shoes at all. They’re crafted with soft fabrics, and have a stretchy section for added comfort. What we love about the featured color, did you notice the slight geometric pattern embossed in the material? Obsessed. 2014 style waves have drifted over to the most important needs – and that’s to be yourself, happy, and comfortable in your own skin. A promising push that will go far in 2015 as well. And why shouldn’t it. It’s about time fashion designers ditched the Lady Gaga and moved forward to embracing what’s real. Shop: /shoes/stretch-in-black-grid/

2014 1001 142 dimmi 032014 1001 142 dimmi 04 2014 1001 142 dimmi 022014 1001 142 dimmi 05  2014 1001 142 dimmi 07 2014 1001 142 dimmi 082014 1001 142 dimmi 06

Get Cozy

Sweats, check. Hoodie, check. Unbelievably fashionable flats, check. (ok we may be a bit partial) But seriously, our model wouldn’t leave the set without them. And who would? It’s the classic ballet flat, updated with great textures and prints. Elastic strap keeps everything in place. Keep it casual and cool for your every day and school wardrobe, or dress them up as much as you please. Either way, the Tend is here to stay. Shop: /shoes/tend-in-eggplant/

2014 1001 142 dimmi 21 2014 1001 142 dimmi 22 2014 1001 142 dimmi 23 2014 1001 142 dimmi 24 2014 1001 142 dimmi 25 2014 1001 142 dimmi 26 2014 1001 142 dimmi 27 2014 1001 142 dimmi 20

Blogger Style

Dimmi’s Jogger in black grid was just featured on local blog day in my dreams. Sports influence fashion is huge right now. And for only $50 per pair, the Jogger is a great way to make the statement, without breaking the bank. Plus who doesn’t want an excuse to wear sneakers all day.

“…feeling pretty content and ready to take on the weekend in my Nike track jacket and Dimmi trainers.” -Kristina

Shop: /shoes/jogger-in-black-grid/

2014 1008 apparently jogging 072014 1008 apparently jogging 03 2014 1008 apparently jogging 13

Designer’s Notes on ‘Normcore’


Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.09.47 AMCheck out the image details and photo credit on Polyvore:

The idea to celebrate the normal, the effortless and the androgynous. Normcore fashion is based on the normalcy of everyday casual wear and a certain sense of belonging to a community. With the over saturation of designer labels and the wastefulness within the fashion industry, the resulting fashion trend of ‘Normcore’ takes a stand on the generalisation of the public and the fashion that is most accessible to them, whether it be feminine or masculine.

Normcore is usually related to unisex clothing. It is more than just a  fashion trend, but a broader sociological attitude as stated by Alex Williams in his piece for the New York Times, ‘The New Normal’. The trend of high fashion designers working in collaborations with giant corporates like Topshop, H&M and GAP have shown that the fashion industry is listening to its public. The need for a wider and more accessible fashion line has proven to be extremely profitable for the fashionably crunched, the corporates and for the people who want to be a part of it’s industry even in the tinniest way possible. It has in a way given a common platform for all and blurred the lines of such an elitist industry.

Ref :
Karl Lagerfeld for H&M (2004)
Margiela for H&M (2012)
Isabel Marant for H&M (2013)
Commes des Garcon for H&M (2008)
Lanvin for H&M (2010)
Jeremy Scott for Adidas (2003 – persent)
Pierre Hardy for GAP (2007 – 2012)
CDFA for GAP (2007-2008)
Christopher Kane for TOPSHOP (2007, 2009)
Kenzo fo VANS (2013)
There are many more like Nike, Reebok etc. 

Dimmi is exactly that. Dimmi as a brand relates to everyone and is entirely inclusive. It celebrates the positive actions of many people who all work together to strive for a better tomorrow whether through fashion or communication. It is these people who make a difference whether by a phone call or with a hug. We at Dimmi want to celebrate and cherish these sentiments of everyday living and it just so happens that we do it with fashion. Our fashion and brand ethos is about happiness and it caters to all. We at Dimmi have been celebrating Normcore right from the start. It’s not just about the product, but more so about the social message we are sending. It is good to be normal, for we as a community work together towards a better and stylish future.
Kelsang (Designer of Dimmi Shoes)
Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.21.05 AMComplete trend guide and photo credit on Pinterest: