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The Boot

The much anticipated ‘Lauras Legacy’ boot is almost here! Born out of our collaboration with singer/songwriter Lissie Maurus in support of her 3rd annual Lauras Legacy Concert in Rock Island, Illinois, we’re so excited to get this project going that we’ve started an early sign up for those of you who can’t wait to get their hands on a pair.

What’s even greater, our 100% Good Pledge… well that Good just got better. For the first time, we are proud to say that Dimmi’s new boot style is MADE IN THE USA with imported and USA components. We’ve been proud of our pledge giving 100% of profits to medical research, but this is a step in a direction we’re very passionate about as well, and that’s supporting our country with US made products.

The Lauras Legacy boot is crafted with beautiful genuine leather, and an intricately embossed sole to remind you of your contribution to the Pledge. Red accents tribute the official color of ALS support and research, all together making this boot not only a fantastic wearable lace-up piece for your wardrobe, but also a symbol of joining our hands (and feet) together to support the cause. Thank you for your contribution!

Early Sign Up Bonus!

Sign Up now to receive an email notification of when the Lauras Legacy boot is in stock, and get a FREE DIMMI WIRELESS SPEAKER (a $60 value) when you order the Lauras Legacy boot! *While supplies last. The Dimmi speaker is small and lightweight, and syncs wirelessly from your bluetooth equiped device.


Shop the LISSIE collaboration boot LAURAS LEGACY HERE! http://www.musthaveshoes.com/lauras-legacy-black-dimmi.html


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