What is Normcore

2014 0926 Dimmi jogger 01

You may not know what it means, but you’ve definitely seen what it is. Normcore is a fast growing fashion trend defined by the most unexpected of traits – Normality. FINALLY, a trend we can all understand! But what does that really mean? Of course it is still moving fashion and on-trend, so when we say normal, we’re not talking about you’re 90’s jeans and the first clean T-shirt you can find. But… it’s pretty close to that. (Too good to be true right?)

So how do you wear your ‘normal’ clothes and still look like the trendsetter on the streets? Think of combining those pieces you have in  your wardrobe, in a slightly more unconventional way. Mix your Friday sweats with a dress blouse and sneakers. Wear your favorite hoodie, but offset it with some glossy baubles and crop pants. And LAYER. Lots of layers. In fact you can’t wear too many layers. (Ok you can, don’t get too carried away). Baggy clothes mixed with formal pieces create a look that’s slightly androgynous, and very, very, comfy.

Look comfortable, casual, and yourself. If this isn’t the best trend of the season, we can’t tell you what is. Time to take casual Friday VERY seriously. Our favorite shoe styles for the trend – The classic sneaker ‘Jogger’ and our flexible loafer ‘Stretch’

2014 0926 Dimmi jogger 062014 0926 Dimmi jogger 07 2014 0926 Dimmi jogger 02We’ve started a trend board on musthaveSHOES Pinterest if you’re looking for some great combo inspirations, or just looking to get a better grasp on the trend. Check it out!

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